RoboCup 2012

The first official RoboCup@Work competition will take place at RoboCup 2012 in Mexiko City:


May 06, 2012 : Deadline for qualification material (Team Description Paper)
May 09, 2012 : Notification of acceptence
May 31, 2012 : Deadline for team registration

June 18-24, 2012: Competition


Every team intending to participate has to submit a Team Description Paper (TDP) via email to all four members of the Technical Committee:

Walter Nowak:
Gerhard Kraetzschmar:
Nico Hochgeschwender:
Rainer Bischoff:

The TDP should at least contain the following information in the author/title section of the paper:

  • Name of the team (title)
  • Team members (authors), including the team leader
  • Link to the team web site (if available)
  • Contact information

The body of the TDP should contain information on the following:

  • focus of research/research interest
  • description of the hardware, including an image of the robot(s)
  • description of the software, esp. the functional and software architectures
  • innovative technology (if any)
  • reusability of the system or parts thereof
  • applicability and relevance to industrial tasks

The length of the TDP is limited to 3 pages. Please use the same Springer LNAI format used in the RoboCup Symposium submissions.

The evaluation criteria will include relevant scientific contribution and publications, professional quality of robot and software, novelty of approach as well as relevance to industry.